You Won’t Believe Who Just Admitted Islam Is A Threat To This Nation

Dr. Kevin “Coach” Collins – April 24, 2014

As long as current policy remains in place, the report gives the nation 15 years before Sharia law becomes a reality

Sweden, the land of gentle loving people and the land of my great grandparents, is rapidly committing national suicide; and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

This harsh truth was laid out in a UN report that says Sweden has about fifteen more years before the North African Muslim hordes that are pouring across her borders completely engulf her and pull her down into rough parity with today’s third world crap holes like Libya.

The Swedish Left has impaled their own country on a spike called “multiculturalism.” Far from the utopia these fools believed that bringing in the poorest, least civilized people in the world would bring about, they have irreversibly wrecked the lives of their countrymen.

Just as everywhere else, the swine in the Swedish media are aiding in the destruction of their own country; but unlike most places, they are actually acting as PC stormtroopers. With the help of Marxist computer experts, the Swedish media is tracking down and exposing anyone who dares speak out against this madness, even if they spoke “anonymously” online. They are publishing the addresses of these “offenders” so they can be punished for speaking out.  These quislings use Alinsky tactics of bullying and labeling to smother anyone who raises a voice in protest to what is happening.

Rapes of blond, native Swedish women are becoming commonplace.  While these rapes are generally not allowed to be reported, the cold truth is that about 1 in 4 Swedish women has been raped by one or more violent Muslim thug; and more than 3 of every 4 arrested rapists in Sweden is a North African Muslim immigrant.  Moreover, the dimwitted offspring of these thugs are destroying Sweden’s school system and have already pulled standardized test scores down to ten year lows.

The situation in Sweden is now at a crisis point, with “assimilation” now described as a “racist hateful concept” by the insane suicidal Leftists who run the country.

Shutting the doors, and deportations, are the only real options; but that can’t happen as long as this suicidal Swedish government is in charge.

My great grandparents would weep at what has become of their country. Your prayers are needed for Sweden.

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