What a Second United States Revolution Would Look Like

Posted by Cav
Aug 11th, 2014

Disclaimer: I would like to preface this article by saying that in no way do I condone violence nor do I think that we are in a place where rebellion is necessary. This article should be seen as merely an academic endeavor to figure out what a second United State Revolution might look like if it became necessary to fight against the federal government. Again, I stress the fact that there are things (though they are decreasing by the day) that can be done within the current system to help turn the tide and bring this country back on track.

x5z3uqWe constantly hear from leftists that there’s no reason for us to have military style weapons because there is no way that we could resist the might of the government. What they fail to understand is that small arms and resourcefulness is all that is required for a citizen force to resist even the most powerful military. That begs the question, what would a second revolution look like? This article aims to show naysayers how a relatively small group of people, armed only with semiautomatic weapons and determination, could shed (if it became necessary) the yoke of tyranny.

There would be no central command and control.

One of the biggest reasons why many leftist make fun of our desire to uphold the 2nd Amendment is the fact that they don’t believe that we could ever combine together to resist the US military and law enforcement. Frankly, these people are right.  A rebel force wouldn’t survive 5 seconds in a stand up fight against the US Military, which is the reason the resistance wouldn’t do it in the first place.  They wouldn’t need to. The resistance would be comprised of hundreds if not thousands of loosely affiliated groups working independently to harass supply lines and ambush soft targets. There would be no direct action because direct action would mean death. Occasionally, groups would combine together for larger operations, but for the most part, this war would be very similar to the war in Iraq. There would be quick action and then the fighters would melt back into the civilian population. The only way to combat this type of war would be to further suspend personal liberties, further eroding the support of the general public.

12-20-2010_7311_l_u-300x180The war would be fought in the country.

Even though the United States military and law enforcement number over 2 million, that wouldn’t even be enough to be able to properly protect even the large urban areas of the United States, let alone rural areas where the people are mostly right leaning and would most likely support the rebellion. Considering the political makeup of most large cities, resistance in those places would be sporadic to say the least, but that is all that would be required. Occasional attacks on supplies and food stores would create massive unrest among the population of major cities. Considering the massive logistical nightmare of feeding the people of most major cities, bringing in food and medical supplies by air would be impossible. Additionally, providing security for every truck that would be required to bring in supplies by land would also be impossible. In a sense, a very small element could all but strangle a large urban area.

There would be no resisting the revolt aside from a small percentage of the military and police.

Even if every single soldier, Marine, and police officer in the entire country decided to fight against the rebellion (which they wouldn’t) it would not even be close to being enough. Having spent years around combat arms soldiers and Marines, I know for a fact that the vast majority of the trigger pullers (infantry, cavalry, etc.) in the military align themselves with the far right rather than the left.  I shouldn’t think that liberals would be amazed at how much most combat arms soldiers loath them considering how much disdain most leftists have for soldiers and Marines. Most of the combat arms troops that I know think that the left is comprised of entitled idiots that don’t have a clue about the real world. It is not beyond the scope of reason to think that a large percentage of the actual fighters in the US military would choose to fight on the side of the rebels rather than kill American citizens.  This doesn’t even take into account the hundreds of thousands of disillusioned combat arms veterans that the federal government has already labeled a potential threat to national security.

Basically, the only way that the federal government would stand a chance to resist the revolution would be with citizen help and the vast majority of the left have shown themselves to be completely unable or unwilling to possess and train themselves with firearms. In a sense, the left likes to make fun of the far right, but if there was ever a requirement to fight against a far right rebellion, they would be completely impotent. I believe that local law enforcement and the federal government would attempt to arm the citizens of larger cities, but there would be no time for training nor would this population have the fortitude to fight.

_59328937_120692738Civilians would quickly tire of the bloodshed and demand an end to the war.

The tide of public opinion, even among those who support the federal government would quickly turn. As supply lines become ever more taxed and ambushes become ever more prevalent, the federal government will become more and more desperate in their fight against the resistance. Large scale attacks against “safe havens” will become common and civilian casualties will start to mount. Aside from the unrest caused by civilian casualties, people living in cities and who are not accustomed to living on rations or without the comforts of modern life, will start to revolt due to food shortages and power outages. There will be mass unrest and even large-scale riots in every major city causing local law enforcement to have to focus on policing the cities rather than fighting the resistance. This will be unsustainable and the federal government would quickly sue for peace.

After the federal government dissolves, the state and local governments that supported the revolution would have to figure out what to do in order to re-form the Union once again. Hopefully, out of the ashes of the rebellion would emerge several charismatic leaders, not unlike the founding fathers, who would help rebuild and put our country back on track. One thing that our nation has always had are men and women placed by God at the right time and place to make sure that we survive and prosper. I have no doubt that after the fighting is over that a new group of heroes would emerge that will save this republic and ensure a peaceful reconstruction.

StandYourGroundAs I said at the beginning of this article, I don’t believe that we’re there yet and that there are many things that we can do to help avoid any type of fighting within the borders of the United States. I have seen what war looks like and I do not wish to see that in our cities and on our streets. What this article aims to show is that the argument that we are unable to resist the combined might of the US military and law enforcement is false and is laughable. This revolution would be quick, it would be stealthy, and it would be dirty. Remember that a force of less than 10,000 Iraqi insurgents stopped the US military in its tracks. Imagine what a force of 3.5 million patriots (a mere 1% of the population) with the support of a huge portion of the civilian populous would be able to achieve. Let us hope that we never have to find out.

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