UN Official Blames the US for Boston Bombings?

Really? This idiot, named Richard Falk, stands before the UN Human Rights Council and says that US policy is to blame for the Boston bombings? And we (the US) pays 22% of the fool’s salary which I am sure is substantial. After sparking outrage even within the Obama administration, he backed off but I say “too little, too late”. The bastard needs o be removed from his position immediately. Oh, wait, I have a better idea, let’s remove ourselves from the UN and tell them to move to another country that is better suited to host them. I doubt they would last more than a couple of years without us propping them up. They serve very little purpose other than to make the liberals feel good about giving our hard-earned money to the rest of the world.

I thought that it was interesting that after Susan Rice said that he should be removed they said that the Human Rights Council was an elected body and that they could not remove him. Excuse me. That’s bullshit. If we won’t pull out of the UN (which we won’t) we should at least tell them that we will withhold our “financial support” until such time that the bastard is fired. I bet they would figure out how to get him out of his cushy little office.

For the record, Richard Falk is an 81 year old former professor of international law at Princeton. He’s been said to have been making these kinds of statements for decades. He weighed in heavily on the 9/11, as well. And, he is an American, although I find it hard to call a liberal, or a Democrat for that matter, an American.

Now, where’s my bucket of tar and bag of feathers?

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