Shocking New Poll Explains America’s Degenerate Culture

B. Christopher Agee — March 14, 2014

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Our nation’s glorification of violence and sex are symptoms of a fundamental breakdown in America’s cultural foundation. The unconscionable proliferation of murder through taxpayer-supported abortion is a sign that too many in this nation no longer even have a basic respect for the right of a human to be born.

With the redefinition of marriage, the time-honored union between a man and woman is now being bastardized in an effort to legitimize relationships traditionally recognized as immoral. Our society has effectively relegated the concept of a married couple rearing children as a unit, with unwed mothers outnumbering their married counterparts in many communities.

As much as the humanist crowd argues the contrary, America relies on its citizens’ faith in God to maintain our unparalleled level of freedom and opportunity. According to a recent poll conducted by NBC and the Wall Street Journal, however, Americans’ level of faith has dropped precipitously in recent years.

More than one in 5 respondents revealed that religion plays “not that important” a role in their lives. When the question was first asked in 1997, just 14 percent selected that response.

When the results are broken down demographically, it becomes clear where these irreligious Americans are most likely to be found. The Northeast and West are perhaps unsurprisingly the most common places to find such respondents. Individually, they are more likely to be higher earners and under the age of 35.

With younger generations increasingly shunning religion, one might predict the issue will be even more pronounced as they raise children in godless households. Furthermore, reduced influence among faith-based charities could feasibly lead more Americans to believe that the federal government is best equipped to provide for the needs of its subjects.

The number of respondents with no need for religion dramatically eclipses the 13 percent who consider it the most important focus in their lives.

Unless America can once again embrace a faith in and reliance on God, we will remain mired in a hedonistic culture celebrating only that which is convenient and pleasurable.

Mike Huckabee summed it up well in his speech at CPAC last week: “If this nation forgets its God, God will have every right to forget us.”

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