Scary: Here’s How Obama Plans On Destroying America As We Know It Why? Because it’s all in his grand plan…

L. Todd Wood
July 29, 2014

It has been reported from various sources that the Obama administration knew years in advance of the growing problem of immigrant children attempting to enter the United States under the guise of seeking asylum from Central American violence. The administration did nothing about it and were said to be caught off-guard in 2014 as upwards of 100,000 children are expected to cross into the United States.

Now the federal government is secretly moving illegal children and their family members to locations around the country and dumping them without informing local authorities. It is even reported that this administration is considering granting these illegal immigrants refugee status and flying them directly from Central America for release into the United States where they will have little fear of being deported. Obama has signed executive orders illegally changing immigration law to permit illegal aliens under thirty years of age to stay in the United States and not be deported. Obama has refused to secure the border. Now we are hearing that this administration is considering granting amnesty through executive action to upwards of five million illegal aliens.

My friends, this is literally the intentional destruction of American culture and values that we are witnessing before our eyes.

America has always been open to immigration and historically it has been a plus for the country’s future, that is legal immigration. Immigrants have typically been vetted and assimilated into American culture and have contributed to the cosmopolitan nature of the United States. However, currently these illegal immigrants have no education of American culture, history, or values. They are simply moving their own culture, language, and values onto the North American continent, with Obama’s assistance. There are also serious criminal and terrorism concerns as we don’t even know who these people are. The wave of humanity is also hurting the economic prospects of other American minorities who need the jobs these immigrants will acquire.

But Obama doesn’t care. Why? Because it’s all in his grand plan – his plan to destroy the United States as we know it today. He says he doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism as most Americans do; however, he must, as he is purposefully attempting to destroy the culture that made this country exceptional over the last two centuries. Besides the successful culture of independence, Obama hates the white nature of America He is attempting to manage the ethnicity of America and quicken the demise of the white majority. He is attempting to crowd out the American culture of self-reliance and the rule of law with the culture of gang violence of Central America dependent on the federal government. This is a racist strategy that only Hitler could be proud of.

Progressives hate America. They hate the success it has enjoyed economically, militarily, and culturally. They want what America has without having to work for it; they just want to take it. What better way to destroy America than to turn into a mirror image of the rest of the world? An image of corruption, violence, and conquest.