OUTRAGE: Bowe Bergdahl’s Dad Praises allah, Makes Islamic Declaration, Calls For Release of All Gitmo Terrorists; Did Bergdahl Convert to Islam?

All Americans who care about freedom should be disgusted when the father of a freed American soldier uses an Islamic greeting, referring to allah, and on the grounds of the White House, no less. And they should also be disgusted when that father calls for the release of all terrorists. That’s what Bowe Bergdahl’s father, Bob, did at yesterday’s Obama White House press conference announcing the release of his son. And it’s what he said in a since-deleted tweet (I’m sure the Obamaniks told him to take it down). Saying his freed son could not speak English, Bob Bergdahl said from the White House, “bismillah al-rahman al-rahim,” Arabic for, “in the name of allah the most gracious, the most merciful.” (This is not Pashtu, as FOX News dolt-ette Jennifer Griffin inaccurately and erroneously reported. It’s Arabic. And it’s ISLAMIC.)

And here’s what he said on Twitter (“ameen” is amen in Arabic and Islam, by the way–this Bergdahl dad really seems to be down wit da Islamic “struggle”) in response to the tweet of Taliban spokesterrorist, Abdulqahar Balkhi:

Really? Five killer masterminds with close ties to Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden are being released to plan the murders of more Americans, just as they’ve already killed many Americans–Americans who will never be released alive to freedom like Bergdahl, because they are now six feet under. And this man has the gall to invoke Islam and an Islamic saying that is specifically meant to declare that allah–the Islamic god–is the supreme god? And he has the chutzpah to act as an apologist to Taliban murderers for Afghan children . . . when the Taliban has deliberately murdered far more Afghan children than were accidentally killed in accidents of war by America? There is something very wrong with that. This guy, Bob Bergdahl is a schmuck and a traitor.

We are fighting an enemy that is at war with us, an enemy that held this man’s son in captivity for five years in the name of their deadly religion. And, apparently, it is not bad enough that five of the worst murderous terrorists-in-chief were released so his son could be free. He must also make declarations proclaiming the supremacy of the terrorists’ religion and god. And, then, he has the chutzpah to say the other Gitmo terrorists who murdered other Americans, unlike his son who is alive and free, should be released and we need to repent for Aghan children?! Screw him. Someone needs to serve him a giant glass of STFU juice.

I wonder: did Bob Bergdahl always have that silly hipster/Outlaw Bikers beard or did he grow it out of deference to Islam, Muslims, and his son’s Taliban former captors?

And it begs the question I already raised earlier today: did Bowe Bergdahl convert to Islam? It’s weird that an American would be unable to communicate in English after a few years in Taliban captivity or that American’s father communicates with him in Arabic, NOT the language of the terrorists who held his son for five years, but the language of the religion in the name of which they held him.

Disgusting. Disgraceful. And, yet, nobody cares, it seems.

The ghosts of those Americans murdered in Afghanistan in the bombings and assassinations plotted by the five men (and their many minions) released in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl are crying out and remain unheard. The wails of those ghosts–as Bob Bergdahl makes declarations in support of Islam and a the giant Gitmo pinata filled with terrorists from the ground of the White House–are apparently like a dog whistle.

They are unheard by American human ears. They are forgotten and their memories are ignored.

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  1. Here is a comment by one of his fellow soldiers that was there at OP Mest in Afghanistan when Bergdahl deserted:

    I WAS THERE. I’m sick of all the lies. Here is the TRUTH, from someone on the ground.

    We were at OP Mest, Paktika Province, Afghanistan. It was a small outpost where B Co 1-501st INF (Airbone) ran operations out of, just an Infantry platoon and ANA counterparts there. The place was an Afghan graveyard.

    Bergdahl had been acting a little strange, telling people he wanted to “walk the earth” and kept a little journal talking about how he was meant for better things. No one thought anything about it. He was a little “out there”. Next morning he’s gone. We search everywhere, and can’t find him. He left his weapon, his kit, and other sensitive items. He only took some water, a compass and a knife. We find some afghan kids shortly after who saw an american walking north asking about where the taliban are. We get hits on our voice intercepter that Taliban has him, and we were close.

    We come to realize that the kid deserted his post, snuck out of camp and sought out Taliban… to join them. We were in a defensive position at OP Mest, where your focus is to keep people out. He knew where the blind spots were to slip out and that’s what he did. It was supposed to be a 4-day mission but turned into several months of active searching. Everyone was spun up to find this guy. News outlets all over the country were putting out false information.

    It was hard to see, especially when we knew the truth about what happened and we lost good men trying to find him. PFC Matthew Michael Martinek, Staff Sgt. Kurt Robert Curtiss, SSG Clayton Bowen, PFC Morris Walker, SSG Michael Murphrey, 2LT Darryn Andrews, were all KIA from our unit who died looking for Bergdahl. Many others from various units were wounded or killed while actively looking for Bergdahl.

    Fighting Increased. IEDs and enemy ambushes increased. The Taliban knew that we were looking for him in high numbers and our movements were predictable. Because of Bergdahl, more men were out in danger, and more attacks on friendly camps and positions were conducted while we were out looking for him. His actions impacted the region more than anyone wants to admit. There is also no way to know what he told the Taliban: Our movements, locations, tactics, weak points on vehicles and other things for the enemy to exploit are just a few possibilities.

    The Government knows full well that he deserted. It looks bad and is a good propaganda piece for the Taliban. They refuse to acknowledge it. Hell they even promoted him to Sergeant which makes me sick. I feel for his family who only want their son/brother back. They don’t know the truth, or refuse to acknowledge it as well. What he did affected his family and his whole town back home, who don’t know the truth. Either way what matters is that good men died because of him. He has been lying on all those Taliban videos about everything since his “capture”.

    If he ever returns, he should be tried under the UCMJ for being a deserter and judged for what he did. Bergdahl is not a hero, he is not a soldier or an Infantryman. He failed his brothers. Now, sons and daughters are growing up without their fathers who died for him and he will have to face that truth someday.

  2. The prisoners that were exchanged for Bergdahl are :

    Mohammad Fazl,
    Mullah Norullah Noori,
    Mohammed Nabi,
    Khairullah Khairkhwa
    Abdul Haq Wasiq

    Keep and eye on the news and I think that, eventually, you will find these bastards will continue to kill Americans. When that happens, Bergdahl and Obama should be held responsible for the deaths.

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