Obama’s Life Story Continues To Unravel…

Unfortunately, it seems any documents that could unequivocally prove or disprove Obama’s assertions have been forever lost – or destroyed.

B. Christopher Agee — February 7, 2014

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In an administration defined by scandal, none have dogged Barack Obama longer or more persistently than the secrecy surrounding his past. While the left tries to discount those who question his life story with insulting pejorative, there has been little legitimate response to the genuine concerns of so-called “birthers.”

In a recent American Thinker report, one specific aspect of Obama’s childhood is explored in detail, resulting in the conclusion that at least one of the president’s biographical timelines is inaccurate.

Citing media reports released over the past 14 years, Jason Kissner highlights a discrepancy that seems to put a young Obama in two very different places at one time. While an Illinois Daily Herald article from 1990 indicates he lived in Asia from the age of 2 until he reached fifth grade, a Los Angeles Times report from the same year suggests he spent just six years in Indonesia before returning to Hawaii in preparation for college.

While those two accounts might suggest Obama reached fifth grade by the age of eight, at which time he promptly began studying for college, a subsequent entry in Hawaii Business adds another wrinkle to his purported past. That report suggests Obama was in Hawaii for at least his kindergarten year in elementary school, which represents a major departure from the timeline advanced in the previous articles.

Furthermore, his education records – along with his mother’s passport – are no longer available for review.

These discrepancies are unfortunately only peripheral considerations in the larger tapestry of Obama’s questionable past. In the same article, Kissner explores Obama’s frequent name changes, focusing specifically on the surname Soebarkah. He suggests the name might have been related to a Muslim cult that encouraged its followers to change their names.

Loretta Fuddy, the Hawaiian health official who authenticated Obama’s birth certificate before dying in a plane crash from which all other passengers survived, was a former leader of the Subud cult, he added.

There is no shortage of controversy surrounding Obama’s birth, childhood, and even much of his adult life. The information introduced by Kissner is just one chapter in a long book of questionable autobiographical claims.

Unfortunately, it seems any documents that could unequivocally prove or disprove Obama’s assertions have been forever lost – or destroyed. To a growing number of Americans, that fact makes Obama’s professions appear all the more suspicious.

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