Nuclear-blast-proof, 12-bedroom luxury bunker for sale for $17.5M in Georgia

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12 Bedroom
12 Baths
14,000 sq. ft.

Ever wish to live in the setting of an exciting Tom Clancy novel? One in which you can hide in your own secret underground bunker? Well, now you can, all while enjoying movies in a personal home theater.

A 45-foot-deep underground bunker in Georgia (named “The Facility”) has recently been listed for $17.5 million. The 12-bedroom, 12-bath lair was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1969 during the Cold War for $7 million but would cost $65-100 million to construct today. The Facility is on 32 acres and has two levels of underground living space. It is located 10 miles from Interstate 75 and two hours from Savannah.

In 2012, the subterranean facility was fully renovated to meet government standards for underground residences. Located two hours from Savannah, the 14,000-square-foot home includes 32 acres of land and features a private theater with 15 seats, a modern kitchen with granite countertops, two business centers, and two conference rooms. The bunker, which can withstand a 20-kiloton nuclear explosion, includes a 1,000-gallon storage tank filled with water from a 300-foot-deep well from a nearby aquifer.

The bunker is built from 4000-6000PSI hardened concrete and has 3-foot-thick walls, as well as 6 six underground HVAC systems and a spring system to absorb blasts. Despite amenities like decontamination showers, a new secure air intake systems and a first-aid room, it also includes luxuries such as a home theatre that seats 15, a modernized commercial kitchen and a 100-yard outdoor gun range.

It is the only hardened and privately owned underground bunker of its kind in the United States. The property features a commercial 3-Phase power plant, in addition to its own 8Kw new solar backup system. The facility is also equipped with a $100,000 CCTV security system.

Above ground, The Facility offers 2,000 square feet of commercial space, a renovated 1,000-square-foot caretaker’s home and below ground the facility offers 14,000-square-feet of living and working space. The Facility is 45 feet underground and certified to withstand a 20K ton nuclear blast.

Level two (underground) has four luxury apartments that are about 600 square feet. The apartments are totally self-contained and have two full bedrooms, a kitchen and dining area, a living room with TV and internet and a large bathroom in addition to its own security, HVAC system and environmental monitoring sensors.

Level one of the underground facility has common areas similar to a luxury hotel. Guests can enjoy the large home theater with seating for 15, a commercial grade kitchen, a recreation area, library and TV room. The Facility is equipped with a full workshop, a separate business and conference center and the fully equipped medical room.

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