Nancy Pelosi Says Cutting Her Pay Violates Her “Dignity”

Nancy Pelosi is the embodiment of almost everything wrong with statism. Economically ignorant, resentful, elitist, and completely clueless on every level. There are a lot of reasons why central economic planning doesn’t work, and she’s up there on the list.

She also thinks that even talking about cutting her pay — while millions of Americans are unemployed — is out of the question. Why it’s not just out of the question… it’s actually a violation of her “dignity”. That’s right, she thinks it is beneath her to live like a typical American. Meanwhile, she’s doing a hideous job of ruling over us petty peasants. Absolutely disgusting.

When asked about pay cuts, Pelosi told a Hill reporter: “I don’t think we should do it; I think we should respect the work we do. I think it’s necessary for us to have the dignity of the job that we have rewarded.”

What is Wrong With Congress?

Congress is one of the most corrupt “organizations” in the country. It’s filled with open thieves, crooks, and people who openly say it’s their goal to make it legal for them to rob you more every day of the year. I won’t mince words: these people are generally trashy gangsters.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some good apples. Rand Paul, Justin Amash — there are a handful of individuals who are there to actually defend the republic and the constitution, but they are an extreme minority.

This is the fundamental problem with organizing society on the basis of government rather than the market. People who are likely to become politicians, and then are likely to succeed at the insanely dirty game of politics, are almost always the kind of people you wouldn’t want to have dinner with — much less the kind of people to which society gives all of the power. It’s a recipe for pure disaster.

This doesn’t mean that the “right” politicians can make socialism “work”. Socialism can’t work. Central planning — whether it’s fascism, communism, corporatism, or some other ism — can’t work because it ignores the foundation of the market: pricing mechanism. It also can’t work because political inequality inherently leads to abuses. It also can’t work because without profits and losses, people begin to look for ways to game the system rather than work hard and create value.

In the end, there are a million reasons socialism can’t work, hasn’t worked, and will never work. People like Nancy Pelosi being “famous” successful politicians is a good example of why. Society shouldn’t be managed by elites — and it definitely shouldn’t be managed by an “opposite” of elites, which is exactly who she is.

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