Militias On Facebook

In the past we have not been linking militias that only had a presence only on Facebook, Twitter and/or MySpace since many of these are not legitimate militias, but someone’s attempt to be a part of a militia without really doing anything other than talking (on the Internet) or “rubbing shoulders” with those that are militia members. After further consideration, we have included a fairly comprehensive listing of those on Facebook. We will continue to avoid those on Twitter and MySpace.

All of these links have been checked to eliminate paintball groups and the like but, as we’ve seen before some militias will devolve into a paintball/airsoft group from time to time. If you find that we have a link that this has happened to, please let us know so we can remove it.

Additionally, if you know of a legitimate militia website that we have somehow missed, please let us know that as well by using our “Contact Us” form..


Miscellaneous Militia Organizations

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