Logic is dead, excellence is punished and mediocrity is rewarded

Someone please tell me, what’s wrong with all the people that run this country. Both Democrats and Republicans.

They Say,”We’re broke” and can’t help our own veterans, seniors, orphans, crumbling infrastructure, etc. But, over the last several years, THEY have provided direct cash aid to:

Hamas – $351 Million
Libya $1.45 Billion
Egypt – $397 Million
Mexico – $622 Million
Russia – $380 Million
Haiti – $1.4 Billion
Jordan – $463 Million
Kenya – $816 Million
Sudan – $870 Million
Nigeria – $456 Million
Uganda – $451 Million
Congo – $359 Million
Ethiopia – $981 Million
Pakistan – $2 Billion
South Africa – $566 Million
Senegal – $698 Million
Mozambique – $404 Million
Zambia – $331 Million
Kazakhstan – $304 Million
Iraq – $1.08 Billion
Tanzania – $554 Million

A total of $14,933,000,000. Let that sink in. That’s 14.933 BILLION of our tax dollars & all of those countries still hate us!


But, on the other hand……..

Our military strength is being cut, our soldiers are having their benefits cut and the government’s gone back on it’s promise of free medical care and denying disabilities to those physically and mentally torn apart in wars.

Our retired seniors, living on ‘fixed incomes’, have their taxes raised, to send to these countries, and, also, having medical benefits cut.

Our own citizens receive NO aid, unless they’re the ones who refuse to work, and have babies for welfare payments!

Nor do the seniors & working public get any breaks. While our government and religious organizations will pour hundreds of billions of dollars, and tons of food, to foreign countries, illegals and the leeches within our borders!

AMERICA. A country where we have our brave warriors, damaged for life, waiting in year-long lines for their due, the elderly going without needed medication, the mentally ill without treatment and for all of us, our safety is at risk, because violent prisoners are being released back onto the streets due to “lack of funds”.

And yet they’ll have a “benefit show” for the people of Haiti on 12 TV Stations; with ships & planes lining up with food, water, tents, clothes, bedding, doctors & medical supplies.

Now just imagine, if our own *GOVERNMENT* gave US the same support they give foreign countries. Sad, isn’t?

Logic is dead.
Excellence is punished.
Mediocrity is rewarded.

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