It’s time. Well, it’s actually long overdue!

Posted by BlackDog on April 20th, 2013

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I may have a somewhat radical outlook on terrorists in our country, based on how most Americans react, but I believe it’s time that we stop political correctness and brand “Islam” as an evil and dangerous ideology and not a religion.

When I hear people refer to it as the “religion of peace” I want to vomit. I’m not sure what others consider peace to be, but what comes out of Islam is anything but peace. A quote from the Qu’ran, Tabari IX:69, pretty much sums it up, “Killing disbelievers is a small matter to us.” Now doesn’t that sound peaceful? And that is just a single quote. If you want more, check out “In Muhammad’s Own Words” on the Prophet of Doom website. Spending just a few minutes reading quotes from the Qu’ran should give you a pretty good sense that Islam is far from a “religion of peace”. To the contrary, it is demands intolerance, torture, slavery, terror and murder of it’s followers. Those that refer to it as a religion of peace and love are delusional. The Qu’ran is a guidebook of violence plain and simple. And that is not just my opinion; it is fact.

If you have done even a minimal amount of research you will have discovered that the main focus of Muhhamad’s teachings in the Qu’ran are for Muslims to kill “nonbelievers.” This is not an interpretation of a radical segment of Muslims as often stated. This is very plainly taught to every Muslim. Because Muslims that we may know or work with “seem” nice does not mean they are. If you have ever wondered why we rarely hear the “peaceful Muslim” denounce the violence of some of their members, it should be pretty clear now. They feel the same way as those that flew planes into the World Traded Center or those that planted bombs at the Boston Marathon. They may not have the courage to spew their poison when they are face to face with you but you can be sure that they do it when they are in their mosques or home studying their vile teachings.

Muslims are dangerous to our country and to our individual way of life. They would eliminate our Constitution, along with our other laws, and implement Shariah law and tolerating no other religion. The future of the country depends on us stopping all of this nonsense. To do that, we, as individuals, need to get our heads out of the sand and put a stop to any and all immigrations and visas (especially student visas) from Islamic countries. We also need to revoke the green cards of those already here and immediately deport them. I would go so far as revoking citizenship of  those that have already received it and deport them as well. Muslims are on this earth to eliminate infidels and we should respond by eliminating them from our country through deportation.

If you want a sobering wake-up call, see for yourself how many Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the US. If this country is worth saving, it is worth the effort to stop our enemies from entering. Political correctness be damned.

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