Is This Clinton Cash Connection The ‘Smoking Gun’ That Will Shoot Down Hillary’s High Hopes?

Scouring through State Department financial disclosures and…

Norvell Rose
April 28, 2015

With her questionable ethics under assault and her plunging poll numbers under near-constant downward pressure, Hillary Clinton is having no success freeing herself from a firestorm of controversy over allegations concerning her access and influence while secretary of state. And now, as though in response to former Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos’ recent question on ABC’s This Week — “Is there a smoking gun?” — an investigative piece in International Business Times (IBT) may have just provided an answer in the affirmative.

It’s been widely reported that the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation was the recipient of tens of millions of dollars in foreign donations from governments and business interests while Hillary ran the U.S. State Department. All that cash flowing into the Clinton Foundation coffers raised serious questions about possible influence peddling in a supposed pay-to-play arrangement involving Mrs. Clinton’s international dealings while serving as America’s top diplomat.

While Hillary herself has had very little to say about the growing scandal, Clinton defenders have insisted that there’s no quid-pro-quo proof of misdeeds or ethical lapses on the part of the Democrats’ leading candidate for president in 2016.

Now, as the IBT report details, the connection between Hillary’s State Department and Bill Clinton’s bank account is becoming more clear and direct.

“Former President Bill Clinton accepted more than $2.5 million in speaking fees from 13 major corporations and trade associations that lobbied the U.S. State Department while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, an International Business Times investigation has found. The fees were paid directly to the former president, and not directed to his philanthropic foundation.”

The IBT investigation has also connected important timeline dots showing that several big companies that paid Bill big bucks in speaking fees received their own financial benefits from the Department of State while Hillary was in charge.

“The disclosure that President Clinton received personal payments for speeches from the same corporate interests that were actively seeking to secure favorable policies from a federal department overseen by his wife underscores the vexing issue now confronting her presidential aspirations….”

Scouring through State Department financial disclosures and House of Representatives lobbying records — then cross-checking with Bill Clinton’s reported speeches and payments made to the former president — International Business Times compiled the following chart showing Bill’s speaking fees paid by companies (in bold below) lobbying the State Department for favorable actions.

Image Credit: International Business Times
Image Credit: International Business Times

Adding insult to injury, a new poll of Hillary Clinton’s favorability in a key swing state is offering no solace to the embattled presidential candidate. This is even a state where long-time Clinton pal, defender and big-time fundraiser Terry McAuliffe is the governor. The Washington Free Beacon reports on the new survey by Christopher Newport University:

“The survey found that Clinton’s favorability numbers are underwater among Virginia voters. Just 44 percent have a favorable opinion of her, compared to 52 percent who view her unfavorably. Clinton’s lead over the Republican field has slipped significantly since February, and she no longer polls over 50 percent against any of her potential challengers.”

The new book Clinton Cash that purports to reveal numerous details about the Clinton Foundation’s financial dealings and Hillary Clinton’s supposed influence peddling is set for release on May 5th.

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