Home Depot Rolls Out the Carpet for Sharia Law

Thomas Hohenstein on May 14, 2014 

A Home Depot in Dearborn MI was the latest victim succumbing to the demands of an organization that shouldn’t be in existence in the United States of America. An American company the home depot gets over powered by the Muslim Brotherhood terror linked organization CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) has cast. The employees will be subjected to cultural awareness training. The CAIR states this will help them accommodate the religious sensitivities of the Muslim employees and customers. Corporate and Managers gain a better understanding of Muslims and are taught Islam.

Does Home Depot believe they need to “better serve their Muslim customers”? Here in America isn’t it a practice of retail corporations to better serve ALL of its customers? What exactly does this mean? Why do corporate managers need to understand their Muslim employees any better than their Jewish and Christian employees?


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  1. My wife and I have spent tens of thousands of dollars but I guess I’m now done with Home Depot. Lowe’s is a little further away but I will gladly drive a couple of miles further to shop with someone that doesn’t legitimize Muslims.

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