Holder’s DOJ Censored Gang/Drug Cartel Link From Report to Protect Amnesty Push

Posted by Rick Wells

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This report should be enough to end any talk of amnesty for a very long time. It will probably have no effect.

The vicious Sinaloa Drug Cartel of Mexico is using contractors to carry out their enforcement activities in areas where they don’t have a sufficient representation of their own. Their contractor of choice is the brutal MS 13 Salvadoran gang.

Recently, three illegal alien members of MS 13 were able to board an airplane and fly to Minnesota where they engaged in the kidnapping and torture of two teenagers believed to have stolen $200 thousand and 30 pounds of methamphetamine. The teens were bound and tortured for two days, including an attempt to cut off a finger, before being let go.

Two of the three were quickly apprehended by authorities. The report by the DOJ of the incident failed to mention the MS 13/Sinaloa connection. Megyn Kelly asks her guest, filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch for his thoughts on that omission.

Lynch is of the opinion that there was no mention of the cartel connection because that would draw attention to the lack of border security and have a chilling impact on the Democrats and their amnesty push.

Lynch says there are 1.4 million gang members in the U.S. in 33,000 different gangs. He cites statistics indicating that fifty percent of all violent crime in America is perpetrated by gangs.

He says that the $20 billion dollar per year drug business is a well-run business covering 1,200 cities across America.

He maintains that if the American people knew the reality of our situation, they would demand that the borders be closed tomorrow and there would never be any discussion of some sort of amnesty or a path to citizenship.

Lynch might be giving a large sector of the American people and the political elite too much credit with that observation.

He also highlights one way the cartels are using the misguided “dreamer” status to their advantage.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who believes an adherence the U.S. Constitution would solve many of today’s problems.

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