Hillary’s Teleprompter Inside Debate Podium and “Cleaner Man “

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

As TRN reported, Hillary Clinton had a mysterious man at the first debate with Donald Trump, who removed a secret folder from her podium after the debate and handed it to moderator Lester Holt of NBC, while darting his eyes around furiously to see if anyone was watching them.

Well that “Cleaner” is a mystery no longer, and new video is revealing that he returned yet again to the podium to retrieve more items.

His name is Brady Williamson, a long time Democrat strategist who seems to be working with the Clintons at this point. His actions on the night of the debate are very questionable and leave a lot to questions that need to be answered.

Why was he there? What was his purpose? Why did he sweep Clinton’s podium twice and why was he looking as if he were guilty of a crime?

According to Wikileaks, Williamson could be a major player in the Clinton campaign. In this email letter schedule from 2009, Williamson had a private scheduled meeting with him.

Don’t you find it funny this guy shows up again with Clinton on the debate stage cleaning, hoping nobody asks him any questions or stops him from doing his job?

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