Herridge – Clinton Lies, Espionage Further Exposed, Dissent At The FBI

Rick Wells

Catherine Herridge reports that one of her contacts has reviewed three of the Clinton emails and multiple markings on the documents, including the “C” for confidential as well as every other paragraph being marked “SBU,” which means sensitive but unclassified.

She says, “You never see these codes in the context of anything but classified information.” Herridge points out that this really undercuts the laughable claims Clinton made to the FBI that she misinterpreted the “C” to mean some type of alphabetical listing, which is inconsistent with the nature of the documents.

She details the events of March 2015 and how they relate to Clinton obstruction of justice. On March 2nd the New York Times reported on the existence of the personal account that Clinton was using for government business. She says, “Then within that first week there was a preservation order and also a subpoena for all of Clinton’s emails from Congress. By the 9th of March the IT firm, Platte River Networks, that was managing the server, was notified they had to preserve the records. By the 25th of that month there was a conference call with Clinton’s lawyers and then shortly after that the records were deleted by Platte River Networks using that Bleachbit technology.”

Herridge says, “So what you can see here, at least is lining up with the timeline to suggest that there was a deliberate deletion of records when there was an order to preserve.”

She also discusses information revealing some internal conflicts at the FBI over the decision by Director Comey to acquiesce to the wishes of DOJ and the White House and recommend against prosecuting Hillary Clinton. Comey sent out an internal memo to his staff defending that decision. He also defends the decision to release the FBI file on the Friday before a holiday weekend. Comey claims it was just when the information happened to be ready.

Herridge believes the big takeaway from all of this is “that there is internal dissent within the FBI about Comey’s decision and he’s trying to quell that the best way that he can.”

Maybe he should try prosecuting her for the other revelations that continue to come out. That would probably be much more soothing to those who feel the Director sold the agency out than some excuse letter defending his political decision.
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