Here Are Two Stories That Remind Us Who Democrats Really Are…

Dr. Kevin “Coach” Collins – May 5, 2014

Last Wednesday, two stories appearing online reminded us that the fake, phony Democrats are the racists and anti-Americans they try to portray conservatives to be.

The first story is about an audio tape which has surfaced that includes Marie Strumolo Burke, a white Democrat candidate for mayor of Belleville, New Jersey saying she didn’t want her town to become a “F%^king N^%ger town.”

The honest look at how Democrats really feel about African Americans was caught as a background remark on a voicemail left for another Belleville Councilperson. Since the Chairman of the town’s Planning Board was a party to the original call, it is quite likely that Democrat Burke was apoplectic about the possibility of African Americans moving into parts of her town she would fight to keep them out of.

The fact that the full quote caught in the background was “This is terrible. This is terrible. This is ganna be a F…ing n….r town!” makes this explanation very plausible.

Showing there is no honor amongst Democrats, the recording was sent to a forensic lab in Michigan to make certain that it is Burke’s voice; and it was so certified as such.

Summoning up all their collective courage, Burke’s Democrat colleagues on the town council passed the matter to the Democratic National Committee, asking it to “censure” her. Phonies one and all!

The second story reminds us that liberal bootlickers actually hate America and all that America stands for.

Tom Lopez, the principal of Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado, has issued a directive that allows his students to substitute the words “One nation under Allah” for “One nation under God” while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

So in a blatant bootlicking capitulation to a foreign culture, this nit wit has decided that he has the power to change the words of our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance. The ironic twist here is that the muddled tapestry of Islam is monotheistic; therefore, saying “God” or “Allah” should be equally acceptable to Muslims–if not so to loathsome liberals.

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