Growing numbers of citizens ready to fight gov’t tyranny

Anthony Martin, July 20, 2013

Various reports published by alternative news sources across America show that growing numbers of citizens are now ready to fight what they believe is abject tyranny on the part of the federal government.

One of the tell-tale signs of such growth is the stark proliferation of militia groups. From New York to South Carolina, from Arkansas to Idaho, militia groups are not only exploding in growth but experiencing a new interest in their philosophy and activities on the part of average citizens.

Although militias have always been around, something has changed within the past four years that has provided renewed impetus and motivation for such groups. Most within the movement point to the numerous violations of the Bill of Rights and other Constitutional provisions on the part of the current administration and Congress.

And while nearly all agree that former President George W. Bush does not escape blame, given that he laid the groundwork for the current assault with the “war on terror” and the Patriot Act, there is unanimous agreement among the militias that Barack Obama and like-minded collectivists in every branch of government have taken unprecedented, extreme measures to turn government into an ever-present watchdog on citizen movements and activities, including violating every known provision of liberty handed down to us by the Framers of the Constitution.

Critics of the current administration have noted numerous instances wherein the Obama administration has openly and blatantly violated the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, the Sixth Amendment, the 10th Amendment, and the 14th Amendment, among others.

These violations are in addition to the Holder Justice Department’s callous disregard for the law, refusing to prosecute clear criminal activity on the part of IRS, DHS, NSA, and DOJ employees, or Black Panther violations of voting rights in Philadelphia. Yet Holder goes out of his way to attack a verdict rendered by a legal jury in the George Zimmerman trial, to the point of hinting that he may engage in double jeopardy in order to impose his own judgment in the case.

And of course, there is the vast array of instances where the Obama administration has directly attacked and sought to de-fang if not outright eradicate the gun rights of American citizens.

These outrageous activities have led to tangible citizen action.

In northern and western New York State, citizens vowed to start militia groups in response to the state’s new highly restrictive gun laws, initiated by the governor and Democrats in the legislature at the bidding of Barack Obama.

A CBS affiliate in South Carolina did a special report on the growth of militia groups in northwestern South Carolina, western North Carolina, and northeast Georgia.

And the New York Daily News published an in-depth report on a growing militia group in Idaho.

The Idaho group, called The Light Foot Militia, was formed in 2009 in response to the growing tyranny exhibited by Barack Obama as soon as he took office. In the years since 2009 the group has experienced explosive growth, peaking at 73 persons — a high number for militia groups.

But many if not most militia groups prefer to remain hidden, carefully guarding their anonymity. Thus, the groups that have gone public, consenting to news stories and profiles, are only the tip of the iceberg. The energy that simmers just below the surface in America today suggests that citizens are ready to fight any enemy of the Constitution, even if that enemy happens to be their own government.

(Hat tip to Mike Vanderboegh).

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