Black Sheriff Says “It’s a Myth Police Kill More Black Males Than Anyone Else”

Michael Cantrell
May 20, 2015


A black sheriff from Wisconsin is likely sending liberal race baiters across America in a tizzy over his latest remarks about the number of blacks killed by police officers.

The current racially divisive narrative tossed about by the left claims cops kill way more blacks than they do folks of other races and ethnicities.

Not so, says Sheriff David Clarke.

From CNS News:

Milwaukee County, Wis., Sheriff David Clarke on Tuesday addressed what he called a “myth” that police kill more black males than any other race in testimony at the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing titled, “Policing Strategies for the 21st Century.”

“It is a myth that police kill black males in greater numbers than anyone else,” Clarke said, citing statistics provided by the University of Toledo, which contrasts, what he called “the false narrative propagated by cop haters and the liberal mainstream media.”

Clarke referenced “the police use of force data,” compiled by Richard Johnson, PhD and titled, “Examining the Prevalence of Deaths from Police Use of Force,” which shows that between 2009 and 2012, the majority of those who died at the hands of police were white males.

Specifically, 61 percent or 915 of 1,491 people who died from police use of force were white males, while 32 percent or 481 were black males, Clarke noted.

So if the data says more white males are killed by police than blacks, why does the left continue to push a different story?


Liberal Democrats desperately need minority voters in order to win elections, keep their seats in the government, and continue radically transforming America into a progressive slum.

In order to do that, they need to make it appear they care about blacks, while the other team doesn’t, winning favor with the black community, and securing votes in the process.

If minority voters catch on to what Democrats are doing, they’ll abandon them en masse, so in order to keep the blinders on, lefties create racism where none exists, pick a bad guy to blame it on — in this case, cops — and join forces with angry mobs of “protesters” to slam the “enemy” left and right, appearing like a knight in shining armor come to save the day.

Of course, none of these loony lefties give a rat’s hindquarters about the lives of innocent police officers they put in harm’s way as a result of their scheme. What’s a handful of lives compared to the collective good?

The bottom line is, if Democrats truly cared about the black community, they’d be working hard to end black-on-black violence and abortion, which takes many more young and promising lives than police do.

To the Democrat, black lives don’t really matter. Only the agenda does.

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  1. Statistics back up Sheriff Clark’s statements. According to the Crime Statistics Bureau, of San Francisco, in 2015, the number of whites killed by police are actually double that of blacks.

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