Black Panthers Threaten ‘Civil War’ If Officer Wilson Is Not Jailed

It appears that the Black Panthers are planning a civil war if Officer Wilson is not arrested.

For a time in the United States, the Black Panther Party attempted to “aid” the Civil Rights Movement through violence. It has been argued that equality was never their goal, but anarchy. Former black panther Malik Shabazz, is currently arguing that rebellion is in order if the officer who shot Michael Brown, Darren Wilson, is not indicted. He did not define “rebellion” but he also failed to condemn violence.

In a bizarre parallel, Shabazz equated the throwing of “rocks and bottles” by Ferguson protesters with the dumping of tea into Boston Harbor in 1773. His initial assertion was that police officers were creating accounts of protester violence to justify their actions. He did admit “some” rocks and bottles were thrown.

In typical race baiting fashion, Shabazz rambles on about “white power” being illegitimate. He quotes the Constitution, in a manner of speaking, and encourages the overthrow of a “tyrannical government” based on what he states the Bill of Rights instructs citizens to do in such cases. That was before he stated white Americans had been killing blacks for 400 years.

For a number of people, the “innocence” of the late Michael Brown is questionable. It has been widely reported that the decedent had marijuana in his system. There seems to  be video evidence that Brown was involved in a theft prior to the shooting that resulted in his death. Further, Brown has a sealed juvenile record that has been the subject of law suits. His 6’4″ 300 pound stature notwithstanding, there are still unanswered questions about the incident and this “gentle giant.”

It is unconscionable in 2014 that race has usurped a legitimate investigation. Further, attempts to intimidate the Grand Jury into an indictment regardless of the facts are beyond criminal. It is time for justice to take its course and for political hacks and ill informed racists to butt out. If Michael Brown must be presumed innocent until proven otherwise, and he must, then the same must be true of the officer who shot him. Otherwise, we become a nation of men, not of law.

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