9 Bills The Republicans Should Pass Immediately To Resurrect America From Obama Socialism

by Rick Wells

Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro has a simple response to the narrative which the Obama regime has already trotted out and will undoubtedly be promoting in the upcoming two years which remain of the Obama nightmare, that of labeling Republicans as the party of “No.”

He believes the Republicans need to be proactive and send legislation to his desk which is meaningful and responsive to the desires of the American people and dare the obstructionist Obama to veto them.

In doing so he will be forced to choose between exposing himself as the socialist obstructionist to the will and best interest of the American people that he is or allowing the legislation to become law. Let him be seen, as Shapiro puts it, as the “President of No.”

He recommends that the GOP pass short, to the point legislative bills that are targeted and direct towards addressing specific needs, which are free of the pork and other attachments that are frequently a part of legislation. He says the language should be easily understood and unlikely to be misinterpreted as well as difficult for the regime to mischaracterize.

Shapiro recommends the following nine issues and legislative actions. All are consistent with conservative American values and most are popular with a majority of patriotic Americans. The Republicans have the ability to force value-based legislative action on these critical issues and they should not be interested in compromising it away but in resurrecting the United States from the ashes of Obama. That is not only the remedy that is needed for the survival of our nation, it is also the best way for the Republicans to demonstrate that they are the party that represents what is best for the nation and its citizens. His recommendations are:

Stop Amnesty Now. President Obama wants to pursue executive amnesty. We all know it. He knows it; his cabinet knows it; the media know it. The Republicans should pass a one-page bill defunding any agency of government that refuses to implement federal immigration law or that facilitates such refusal. The executive branch does not have the cash to implement amnesty – unless Congress gives it to President Obama.

Border Security. Republicans should immediately pass a bill securing the southern border, with funds available to complete the fence. Those funds should, if possible, be given to border state governors for implementation should those governors apply for grants. Furthermore, Republicans should fully fund all immigration agents so that the great lie that government cannot keep track of those illegally in the country can be put to bed once and for all: if the IRS can keep track of hundreds of millions of Americans, surely the feds can keep track of 10 million illegal immigrants.

Piecemeal Funding Of The Government. Republicans are already talking about passing a full budget. They shouldn’t. The budget process is a joke, created purely for the purpose of lard-slathered legislation. Instead, Republicans should individually fund each portion of the government, and force Obama to veto every one of those bills. Let him go on record as opposing funding for the Defense Department, the Centers for Disease Control, and the like, all in order to preserve his precious Obamacare. It will be difficult for him to argue that a government shutdown is the Republicans’ fault when he has hundreds of individual bills funding everything Americans want on his desk awaiting signature.

Repeal Obamacare. Yes, full repeal. Obama will reject it. That does not matter. The point is that the American people do not like Obamacare, and are not interested in preserving it. A full quarter of Americans said in exit polls yesterday that health care was their top voting priority. That number is likely to rise as Obamacare is implemented. Republicans pledged repeal. Now is the time for them to fulfill that pledge.

Restore Defense Department Cuts. The cuts to Defense funding under President Obama’s sequestration have been disastrous for Americans’ security. We no longer have the capacity to fight two wars simultaneously – a basic requirement of national security – and we are looking at the greatest cuts to military readiness in almost a century. Republicans should move quickly to replace Defense spending in the face of a growing threat from Islamic terrorism, Russian imperialism, and Chinese militarism.

Withdraw Funding From Certain Parts of The United Nations. The United Nations is an amoral joke, and councils like the Human Rights Council are far worse than that. Spending millions of taxpayer dollars to prop up failing dictatorships and thugocracies isn’t just wrong, it’s an insult to the men and women who work every day to stop such dictatorships – and those who die trying to fight them.

Pass Strong Sanctions on Iran, Withdraw Funding for the Palestinian Authority, Move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. President Obama’s outreach to Iran has been one of the greatest catastrophes for American foreign policy in decades. Iran will go nuclear, unless the United States takes severe action against Iran. That means harsh sanctions, beginning now. That would also send Iran the signal that no matter how much President Obama hates “chickens***” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the people of the United States stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel. The same message would be sent by moving the embassy to Jerusalem – right now, the Obama administration refuses to even state that Jerusalem is a part of Israel – or with a move by the Congress to cut off foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority, which is working with Hamas in a genocidally anti-Jewish campaign of terror against the Jewish state.

Dismantle Common Core. Common Core is set to plague states across the country with its mishmash of standards and requirements. Federal power over education should be delegated back to the states, where it belongs. Republicans on the state level should then vote to set up grant programs that create actual teacher training standards, as in countries like Finland.

Greenlight Keystone XL. New Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has already said that this remains a top priority. President Obama should be forced to give Keystone XL an up-or-down decision as soon as possible. As Alison Lundergan Grimes found out, Americans like access to energy.

The shortest and quickest route back to irrelevance for the Republican Party is to allow the White House to continue the destructive path we are on or to control the narrative, the content and the direction of our future. America is not a Marxist dictatorship. That reality, however unpalatable for the Obama regime, is something they need to be reminded of.

Rick Wells is a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us

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